Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Alavi (Tehran University, Iran) & Maryam Salarifar (Alborz University, Iran)


This paper investigates the effect of planning time condition (i.e., careful online planning, pressured online planning, and pre-task planning) and task type (i.e., information-exchange, and decision-making task) on temporal frequency of metacognitive processes (i.e., generating new ideas, elaborating new ideas, organizing new ideas, thinking of the writing structure, and thinking of language aspects of the task) and quantity of language production of EFL learners’ writing. Sixty MA students in Alborz University in Qazvin carried out two writing tasks. They were randomly assigned to three planning time conditions. While the participants in careful and pressured online planning condition had no time for planning, a limited amount of planning time was dedicated for pre-task planning group. The frequency of metacognitive processes was calculated based on the items selected on the retrospective questionnaire and quantity of production was based on the total number of words produced in the allocated time. Results indicated that planning time condition and task type significantly affect “generating new ideas”. Performing the information-exchange task, participants generated more new ideas in careful online planning condition. Concerning quantity, it was indicated that, although not considerably, more language was produced while the participants were writing in pre-task planning condition. The results imply that generation of new ideas as a cognitive process that leads to good writing, Ong (2013), is highly under the influence of planning time condition and task type, so the study suggests a closer examination of other factors (e.g. individual differences) concerning metacognitive processes in task-based writing.



The above abstract is part  of the article which was accepted at The First International Conference on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics (WWW.LLLD.IR) & The Third National Conference on English Studies and Linguistics (WWW.ELTL.IR) , 2-3 February 2017 , Iran-Ahwaz.